Sanjay Dutt, Kancha Cheena and Hair restoration

For those of you who do not know, who Sanjay Dutt is, I can tell that he is a big star in Hindi film industry, has done memorable roles in many movies and has led an eventful life so far.

For those of you who do not know, who Kanch Cheena is, I can tell that I also did not know about it till a short time ago. Now, I know that Kancha Cheena is the name of  principal  negative character of a Hindi movie called Agneepath. To play the character of Kancha Cheena, Sanjay Dutt went bald.

The next logical Q would be, why am I, a cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon, blogging about this?
Well you can see the reason in picture no.1 above........
See that nice 'U' shaped scar on the back of his scalp. That's exactly how a hair transplant scar looks like, when strip method is employed.
Since this scar had piqued my curiosity, I did a little more googling and came up with this.

and this...

Mr. Dutt, Circa 2008

Mr. Dutt, Circa 2010

Mr. Dutt, Circa 2011

I congratulate Mr. Dutt for having the guts to go bald in a country where cosmetic enhancement is a taboo.
 I also hope that his bold step will help to establish the fact that conventional hair transplant procedure when done properly gives excellent results and is still in vogue. For more information about hair transplant you can write to me at Provelus Hair Transplant clinic.

Mr. Dutt, Nov 2011


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