Truth About Cheap Hair Transplants.

Recently, there has been a flood of hair transplant clinics who are willing to do transplants at  ridiculously low prices. As a consumer, you think this is because of growing competition in the field. And like other commodities prices had to fall one day. You are happy that now the procedure is within your 'budget' and you quickly get a transplant before you lose this golden opportunity.

Few months pass by and you see some hair growing. You are overjoyed by this new growth and give yourself a pat on the back for a wise decision. Few more months pass by, and you don't really see the results you expected. You talk to your hair transplant physician ( who you now realise is just a general surgeon or not even that) and he reassures you of great results in few months time.

This patient received ' state of the art'  'No stitch No scar' transplant at a leading clinic in New Delhi.
Two years later his whole scalp is scarred, hairline is low and straight and donor area is depleted.

You wait with growing impatience and are then told to go for another procedure to increase the density. You pay again and get a second transplant. This time you see some improvement, but you are still looking 'kind of weird'. And you certainly cant afford a third session that was advised to you.

As time passes you lose some more hair and now the reality of your 'cost effective' transplant is there for all to see. And it is not a pleasant sight. Now you are really concerned  so you start looking for a good hair restoration surgeon. You do your homework, look at doctor's credentials and degrees, look at his results and then get an appointment.(You can see my credentials & results here) It is only now that you realise the full impact of damage done. Most of your donor zone is depleted and even the best plastic and hair transplant surgeon can not do much.

This is a story I hear at least once every day. The real tragedy is not the loss of money but the loss of hair for you and loss of repute for hair transplant procedure. Hair restoration procedure is delicate and highly skilled procedure. And once done, it can not be undone. Take your decision wisely the first time. You may never get a chance again.  Do not be blinded by the discounts and cheap pricing that many clinics are now offering online. Search and research about your surgeon for the success of transplant depends on the surgical team alone.


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