When to Plan Hair Transplant??

A question frequently asked by many of my hair loss patients is, " Should I plan for hair transplant now? or Should I wait a little longer?"
I wish, I had an easy answer to that one. Alas, the real answer is so convoluted that even doctors will find it difficult to grasp. Let us first consider the reasons or indications for hair transplant. You should plan a transplant if,

You have Androgenetic alopecia stage III to stage VII.

Your hairline is not appropriate for age or you wish to achieve younger   looking hair line

You have burn alopecia or traction alopecia.

 You have eyebrow, eyelash or facial hair loss.

Now, for each of the above mentioned indications, there is a stronger underlying indication. That is the first question you should ask yourself. And that question is, " How bothered am I with my hair loss?" If you are fine with a bald pate; do not let others bully you into a transplant, whatever be your age.

But if this hair loss affecting your work, your social life etc; you should consult a good plastic surgeon. Generally, men achieve their adult hairline in late twenties to early thirties. And so, hair transplant after this age is considered appropriate. However, this does not mean that every patient in his mid twenties should be denied a transplant, even if he is stage V or VI Norwood. 
Well, let me put it this way. Age is not the only deciding factor for a transplant. Present hair loss status, donor hair reserve, ongoing miniaturisation, family history and physical condition are also equally important determinants for a persons suitability for hair transplant. 

All said, as a rule of thumb you should wait if,

You are in your teens with unstable hair line.

If you have rare genetic conditions like DUPA, extensive alopecia areata etc.

If you are medically unfit for surgery (uncontrolled blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, heart failure etc)

Even in these conditions, it is best to consult a qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon; because he can help you chalk out a plan for future and may offer you alternative therapies. An honest expert advice can save you lot of grief and money. For personal evaluation you can contact me at Provelus Hair Transplant Clinic, Delhi.


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